Referral Program
For Non-Profits

We appreciate how much of your time you invest into the livelihood of others. We applaud your determination and champion your pursuits in bettering the world around us. That's why we came up with our referrals program, to show our support and let you know how thankful we are for all your hard work.​​​​​​​


How Our Referrals Work For Non-Profits

Because you give so much to others, we wanted to give something back to you. With our referrals program, no matter who you refer to us, you'll receive a portion of the profit. Our hope is that this small gesture will help supply you with the resources you need to continue on your mission.



Register your interest in our referral program with your Registered Charity Name and Contact Details of at least 1 nominated administrator's account. i.e. full name & email address.


We Set Up Your Free Account

We set up a free referral account for your organization and confirm it's activated.


Get Rewarded

Share information about myFRP on your organization's website, mailers and social networks. For each referral sign-up, you will receive a percentage back. We'll provide you with a quarterly referral report along with the funds you have raised.