Meet The Dr. Vouching For myFRP - Could It Be Your Virtual Personal Assistant Too?

March 29, 2021

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. My name is Dr. Gul and I am a General Practitioner for the NHS. You are probably wondering what a doctor is doing here in the middle of a pandemic. Well, I wanted to let you know about myFRP as a few months ago a friend of mine told me about the online service and, well, I was sceptical to say the least. Initially I thought it was purely for wills and advance directives, whereby I would be quietly paying myFRP to keep these safe until the end of my life approaches. After much persuading, I reluctantly signed up and began using the service and since then I have never looked back. I really believe more people would use myFRP if they knew of all the ways it can be used, so I thought what better than to share my experience with other suspicious souls.


Primarily I thought the tool was purely for end-of-life planning, and while I thought this was a great idea, I wasn’t sure I wanted another reminder of death this year. However, once I got set up, I quickly realised that myFRP wasn’t all doom and gloom as I once thought. In fact, now I use the online service every single day and it’s just an added benefit that my family have future access when they may need it.


For me, myFRP is very unique. It is like a virtual personal assistant that I rely on everyday to help me not only with my business but also with my personal admin. Aside from being a trusty PA, myFRP also acts as a briefcase, or more so a safe, where I can keep all of my paperwork and no one is able to see the contents but me. I can actually scan my credit cards and debit cards, so I have virtual access wherever I go which means I don’t need to be fumbling for my wallet. That is a tool that I think is useful for everyday life, especially if one forgets their card or they’re in a different country.


I must admit, I am a rather disorganised individual, and that along with my hectic work schedule means I always have multiple things on my mind. I have to remember numerous logins for different computers and various passwords for separate applications. Remembering all of these is quite a task! There have been times when I have mixed up passwords which have led to me being locked out of my email, or I have blocked a bank card as I am terrible with confusing the numbers of different pins. I will say, this became such an issue for me that I am guilty of storing things on my phone. Alas, when I change my phone those notes disappear along with it because it can be a struggle to transfer the notes section between devices.


I am still old-fashioned in the sense that I have a small black book for important numbers, however, if it gets into the wrong hands, I am stuffed! I know we are not supposed to write these things down but instead simply remember them, and yet the older I become the harder it is to remember which number is for what, so in that sense, myFRP has helped me a lot – its encrypted cybersecurity is certainly safer than my black book!


On top of the everyday usage, myFRP does a great job of keeping me in check. When I was adding my driver’s license details to my profile, I realised it was expired! Luckily under the current circumstances, I have time to renew it, but it did make me wonder how long it would have taken me to notice otherwise. By taking the time to input all my most important documents, it gave me a chance to revisit them to make sure they’re in order and to remind me when it is time for them to be renewed.


My favourite thing about myFRP is that I can directly scan documents onto it as well as keeping track of the document numbers and dates. I feel a sense of security by having my records backed up so if I am far away from home, I am able to access whatever I may need in case of an emergency. For example, if I was in a place and was told there may be an earthquake, I could come away without my documents and if they happened to be destroyed, I already have them backed up in the vault (I think in this strange way because I am a little bit mad!). For other circumstances, like if one was preparing for a job interview for example, records like your degree certificates and qualifications can be accessed via myFRP. Many times, when I really need particular details or documents, it’s always then I am unable to find them. What I am trying to say is, the more you use the tool, the more you realise what you can actually do with it, so in my opinion, it is worth paying for. myFRP is not just for future planning (although that is important), it is also useful for everyday purposes.


Now, when I think about the long-term benefits, I am so grateful my family has access to this service. The more I have used it the more I appreciate how much I can depend on it. I no longer worry about having to write everything down and if it can help my family in any way, it’s a win-win. It can be a struggle to decipher who you can trust with your delicate documents, knowing the information will reach the person it is intended for when you are incapacitated. This way, I am able to store what I need for my day-to-day, but I can also nominate those closest to me without worry that they’ll be unavailable when called upon.


In terms of business, it helps me out a ton as I can offer specific nominees restricted access. I can fluctuate on what access I allow depending on the priority I want to give a certain individual. That means they cannot see my most confidential reports, just the things intended for them. So apart from delicate documents like my will and title deed being scanned in there for future use, I can make use of many of the documents stored time and time again which makes it all the more exciting. One thing I would hope for the future of business confidentiality is that documents can be viewed as read-only. We have similar systems installed for medicine on the NHS which adds an extra layer of security.


When I started this journey with myFRP, I was not very computer literate at all. Still, I am learning to evolve along with the digital platforms that are considered a must for everyday use, and myFRP is particularly easy to navigate. The more I use the service, the more I realise I need it – it is like one big filing cabinet that keeps my life in order. For a man who is always on the go, myFRP has opened up a lot of possibilities. I use the platform as a functioning being, and I believe if more people knew of the everyday uses – particularly small businessowners – many more would take advantage of this online service. It is a pretty powerful tool, and it is not as morbid as you might think. If you are as scattered as I, myFRP was made for you!


If you are thinking about getting your affairs in order, myFRP buys you some time in that regard, as before you meet with a lawyer, you are offered a space to write down your wishes, and once you have a legal document you can store that in there too. As I rely on myFRP for helping me with business aspects, I can only hope that in the future a diary feature will be added so then absolutely everything will be in one place including my schedule, my thoughts, my memoirs, and my experiences – that way the tool then reflects every facet of my life and for me personally, it will become even more valuable.

Dr. Zaid Gul
Guest Writers

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