A Guide to Managing Stress and Developing Resilience

April 23, 2021

One of the most talked-about subjects today is “Stress”, and even more so since March of2020.  Our collective worlds have turned upside down, and we struggle to gain some semblance of normalcy to live as we did before the Pandemic.  However, pushing against something unseen and unknown has produced a world of stress for most of us, especially in the workplace, where there are so many new guidelines to adhere to that are meant to be life-saving measures.  Just thinking about that produces a bit of stress regarding the serious nature of it all.

So how do we combat the induced stress we are forced to experience?  Practice Stress Resilience.  Resiliency is defined as the ability to recover quickly from difficulties.  Having resiliency comes naturally to some people because they process difficult situations with ease and know how not to succumb to emotions. However, that is not a common trait of everyone, so we must learn how to process information that is hard to take and give ourselves time to understand and make sense of that information to have control over the emotions it produces.  If we look through a new lens by understanding that we are here to learn lessons from the challenges and obstacles we face, then we will be better equipped to build on our internal resiliency.  Then we know the strength and resolve we have built up helps us process information better when the next difficult situation occurs.


So, what is Stress Resiliency and how can we incorporate it into our lives in light of the new Pandemic world we live in?  We have observed many new stressors brought on by the demands for society to adhere to protocols we are not used to obeying.  Two of them are social distancing and wearing a mask.  Simple tasks considering the health professionals say it could prevent us from contracting a disease that could easily be a death sentence.  But some want to bring emotions into it and make it about other things that have nothing to do with the over-arching goal, which is to save lives.  Some feel their freedoms have been taken away, some say it is a conspiracy and any number of other reasons why complying is not for them. All the conflict we have experienced around the world has done nothing more than add to an already intensely stressful situation.  The past year and a half have been some of the worst due to societal unrest and clashes that make one wonder if the whole world has gone mad, or are we all experiencing one of the most on-edge, highly volatile times in modern history?


How do we best survive the unrest and clashes?  By stepping back and observing, thinking before we speak, putting ourselves into the shoes of someone we oppose and try to understand their point of view, and practicing compassion.  If we could all do just a few of those things, then maybe we would see less of these terrible tragedies occurring.  The rash of gun violence for instance that puts people further on edge must stop. One of the reasons I started my business was to help reduce workplace violence.  Every time I see a newscast where someone has once again taken out their rage on innocent co-workers, it reinforces the need to have workplace Stress Coaches available to employees 24/7.  My company offers that because stress produces not only anger and hurt resulting in violence, but physical health damage caused by heart attacks and strokes, one of the highest health costs today.  In fact, most heart attacks occur on Sunday because of the stress brought on by the back-to-work Monday anxiety.  My Coaches talk people off the ledge so to speak and help them find peace and resolution.  We could all use that from time to time, but in the most stressful place we spend most of our time, it would be genuinely nice and essential to have access to that kind of assistance.


What are some things workplaces can do to reduce stress for their employees?  Several things.  One of which is to offer a robust and tremendously helpful Wellness Program. Some of the offerings in that program should be:

1.   Stress Resilience Coaches
2.   Well Rooms designed to calm and rejuvenate.
3.   Focus on healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness tools to ease mental anxiety.
4.   Revamp policies that assist employees where they need the most care and compassion.  Institute paid Mental Wellness Days for instance.
5.   Onboarding and Offboarding that encourage trust, and a culture that promotes well-being, and if the employee is let go, provide coaching that helps that employee process their emotions in a healthy, less violent way.
6.  Offering unique benefits like myFRP, that reduce the stress families would have in the loss of a loved one.  They provide a safe online location for all pertinent information the family needs to access.  Especially during Covid-19, this benefit is so needed.

There are many things that a company can do to help all employees to feel safe, cared for and valued, so let us look at some points of stress resiliency we can practice and incorporate into our lives now.



Develop a better attitude daily by practicing more positive thoughts that fill us with a more understanding outlook on life.



Learn and understand both sides of a situation before summing it up with our emotions.  Information is education and knowledge promotes clarity.



Having an internal calm is always a good thing to possess. Practice mindfulness with meditation, yoga, sitting quietly, and deep breathing which all benefit us and provides that inner peace that promotes control.


Be Positive 

Having a positive nature is very needed to combat the negativity that is running rampant today.  Being positive helps you stay calm, think clearer, and helps you physically by keeping your blood pressure in check.  Look at the bright side of life instead of the dark side and more light will find you!


Be Compassionate  

If you are compassionate to all people, no matter what, you will find something inherently good there.  It may not be obvious on the surface, but we should always practice compassion in everything we do and with everyone we meet.


Let us celebrate Stress Awareness Month with Stress Resilience and enjoy the positive little things life offers us every day from seeing a beautiful flower or hearing a small child’s laughter. Focus on the goodness to raise the world's positive vibration that will light our path back to a better and more resilient life!

Annetta L. Hunter
Guest Writers

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