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This section is catered to all of our users. A handy compartment to keep track of important information regarding you, your partner, your children and/or dependents, as well as your trusty personal advisors.
Ultimately, your family circle of life.


A quarter of the population do not have all the details of their children’s affairs and plans if their
partner or co-parent were to pass away.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®


All of life’s personal admin. Things you’ll know from the top of your head like your name, D.O.B., home address and contact details. Then there’s the other stuff you might not remember quite as easily such as your emergency contacts’ information and official certificates like marriage, divorce, and citizenship.

Children & Dependents

We know you know more about your children than anyone. We also know that they rush us off our feet and our brains might not be as sharp as they once were. State their names, D.O.B.’s, home addresses and contact details for safekeeping.

Your Partner

If you've got the rest of the family in there, you might as well pop your significant other’s name, D.O.B., home address and contact details in there too - we always end up forgetting this stuff at the most crucial times!
You can also keep track of all the important dates concerning your partner, so you’ll never be in the doghouse again!

Personal Advisors

This bit is for the ones whose job it is to know your secrets and look after them, whether that's financial, legal or spiritual. You can record their business address, contact details and emergency contact information for you to access now, or for loved ones in the future, just in case you’re not there to provide them.

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