Personal Data

Now you’ve got the basics down, this next section is for all the humdrum yet handy bits and bobs relating to the whole family. You’ll find your passports, permanent residence cards, health cards, driver’s licenses, car insurance policies and vehicle emission testing certificates.

33% of people say they would not be able to access everything they needed about a loved ones’ personal affairs
if they passed away suddenly with 20% unsure if loved ones have a life insurance policy.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®


We’ve all experienced the stress of losing a passport. Here you can keep track of each family member’s passport details including citizenship, passport number and expiration date. You never know when you’ll need it to hand for a range of legalities and procedures. 

Visas, Work Permits & PR Cards

While we’re on the topic of travel, it’s best to keep a secure copy of your and your loved one’s visas, work permits and permanent residency cards. These are no picnic to replace and once we’ve secured them, they’re rarely touched ever again. Keeping a copy on myFRP means anytime you’re called upon to supply document numbers and expiration dates, they’re just a push of a button (or two) away.

Health Cards

It’s handy to keep track of your health. By storing your nearest and dearest’s health card information you’ll know each individual’s organ and tissue donor preferences – saving you from an icky and irreversible mix-up!

Driver's Licenses & Vehicle License Plates

Driver’s licenses and ID cards are always in need. By keeping track of the details of each person’s in your household, you’ll know exactly when each needs renewing.

While you’re looking after your driver's licenses, it's worthwhile to make note of all the vehicle information you’ll ever need. This consists of vehicle names, license plates, expiration dates, and of course your tried-and-true insurance companies’ details just in case.

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