Important Numbers, Passwords
& Logins 

Have you ever forgotten a pin or password and been locked out of an account or even a physical place? There’s no frustration quite like it, but we’re human and sometimes our brains falter us. Thanks to this section you’ll never have that problem again – hoorah! 


The average person forgets their password three times a month!

27% of over-55s write all their passwords down on paper in their home.
16% of Gen Z store all their passwords in the notes section of their phone.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®
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Lock & Key

This bit is for all your key locations and lock combinations, so you’ll never have to attempt to break into your own property. It’s 100% secure so no one else will be able to get their mitts on them, (unless you nominate them of course).

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Frequent Flyer

There’s nothing quite like getting rewarded for having fun. Here you can keep track of your frequent flyer points including the provider’s name, airline and contact details – you never quite know when you’ll fancy a spontaneous holiday!


We’ve all been guilty of storing passwords in the notes app on our iPhones. By opting to store them here, your important passwords are safe from nosey parkers, a clumsy breakage, or a lost or stolen device.

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Social Media

Now we live in the digital age, a great proportion of our lives exist online thanks to the creation of social media. Some of us use them purely for personal reasons, others for business. You never know when you’ll need someone to maintain these accounts for you, so this section is to jot down all of the platforms you’re a part of, along with your account information.

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