Key Documents

Being unorganised induces stress, and of course, we don’t want you to feel pressured; we want to help alleviate the hassle in any way that we can. That’s why we created this section, so you can capture all aspects of your life, both personal and financial. This will help you keep on top of all personal management so once you make your final exit it can be easily retrieved and understood by those you grant access to.


63% of adults have not begun writing a will.

33% say they would not be able to access everything they needed about a loved ones’ personal affairs
if they passed away suddenly.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®

Document Library

Your genius digital secretary who appropriately files all documentation concerning your personal life into order of document type, while also letting you know where they’re located just in case you need to get your hands on them. If you are unable to reach them yourself, your trusty tribe you’ve selected as nominees will then effortlessly be able to obtain them.

Safety Deposit Box

We know your valuable precious things are of most importance to you, which makes them just as important to us! By keeping all information regarding your safety deposit box and storage facility box safe, there’ll be no room for error in making sure those valuables end up in the correct hands. Things you’ll store in this section will be stuff like the box number, the combination, the location of the box, and your representative.  


It’s a splendid gift that while you’re here you are able to communicate exactly what you wish for. If there’s ever any uncertainty in what you’ve asked, you’re just a tap on a screen, a knock on the door, or a phone call away to provide clarity. But what about when you’re suddenly not here? Can you guarantee that all your loved ones would be able to accurately execute your wishes?

In this space, they’ll be granted access to see all your intended desires when you’re no longer here to tell them yourself. A place for your will, so when the time does come, there will be no confusion or loss. Your nearest and dearest will have the correct information to find exactly where your will is located, the date it was prepared, as well as respective lawyers’ and executor’s details should they need contacting.

Power of Attorney

There’s so much freedom in choice, but if the time comes when we are unable to make judgements for ourselves, it is vital we have an honourable power of attorney to make the correct decisions for us, regardless of whether that’s concerning our health or our finances. To make sure those important life decisions rest in your favour, you should be keeping a note of the noble ones you have carefully selected to determine the best personal care for you as well as your financial affairs, including managing your investments, maintaining or selling your home, and collecting any coinage that is owed to you.

Guardians of Minors

If you happen to leave us sooner than planned, it is absolutely crucial you have plans set in place so that your youngsters are well taken care of. Here you can list up to three of your chosen guardians, so you’ll never have to worry about the future of their wellbeing if the unfortunate does happen. You can also store the details of trustees of your testamentary trusts so you can wipe away the sweat of your assets not being properly looked after either.

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