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We know you do a great job of looking after all those close to you, but do you ever feel rushed off your feet looking for those odds and ends that help you run your household?
This section was created to help you track the day-to-day operation of your home, including the contact details of those you deal with on a regular basis. As a result, it should help in meeting all of your family’s wants and needs.


Only a quarter of the population know the details of their partner’s bank accounts and how to access them.

33% of say they would not be able to access everything they'd need about a loved ones’ personal affairs
if they passed away suddenly.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®


Furry friends are as much a part of the family as the hairless ones. They need looking after just as much, but they can’t remind us about their important appointments (wouldn’t it be so handy if they could?). Now you can keep track of the obvious things like their name and breed, as well as things you’d usually have to search for, like pet licenses and registrations, tag expiration dates, microchip details, and in case of emergency their vet and previous owner’s information. This way, if you’re not around to look after them, they’ll still receive the best care in the world.


Kids these days have pretty colourful social lives, and so it can be difficult to organise their schedules as well as our own. In this space you’ll be able to keep a note of their school or day-care details, extracurricular activities and before/after school programs. That means their teacher’s and program leader’s contact information, attendance, lunch arrangements, start and end times as well as any necessary payment plans.

You can also keep track of your children’s medical records like any allergies or dietary requirements. This way, if one day you need someone to look after them, you’ll know your kiddiewinks will be kept in tip-top condition. 

Your Wellbeing

It’s all well and good looking after everyone else but remember it’s essential you look after yourself too. If you fell ill, would your family know how you wish to be cared for? To relieve any doubt, you can make note of your doctors, medical conditions, and caregiver instructions for things like nursing homes, expenses and last wishes. This also includes your preferred resting spot, which will reduce the burden when the time comes for those difficult decisions to be made regarding your health. What’s more, you are able to note down who you wish to be contacted and who not to be notified in the unfortunate event of death.

Family History

Genetics are a funny thing; we adopt some marvellous traits, but we can inherit the not-so-great hereditary factors too. Still, it’s better to capture these things before it’s too late. This is why we’ve made it possible to keep an eye on your family’s medical history, so you’ve got a better chance at preventing or controlling the same health issues.

Family Tree

You can create a family tree not only to outline the important stuff, but to emphasize the six degrees of separation we’re all so curious about too. By keeping track of your ancestors, you are able to make links between those from the past, present and the future. You'll gain a greater understanding of your family history and in turn, you'll discover more about yourself. Hopefully one day your kids will be able to carry on the legacy!

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