Financial Wellbeing

When it comes to our assets, it’s important we seek helpful advice in order to make well-informed decisions. When we put a financial plan in place we tend to account for the future, not just the present. This section is to help you focus your attention, or if you’re not around, for your folks to gauge what your financial plans were so they can act accordingly.


Only one in five (20%) know details of all their loved ones’ life insurance policies and
just 27% keep track of all pension plans, investments and how much money is in them.

2021 Censuswide survey (UK) commissioned by myFRP®


When it comes to insurance plans there’s so much to keep up with – especially if we’re looking at someone else’s! More times than not, it can result in a miserable game of snakes and ladders. This section is so you can note down all of your insurance carriers, whether that’s personal or group life insurance, critical illness or disability protection, or things like credit card coverage. You’ll have the chance to detail each policy’s coverage so there’ll be no puzzled minds if you are not here to direct them.

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Life is hard! Sometimes we need to borrow means from other sources to help us stay afloat. We know sunnier days are on the horizon, but whilst you’re persevering with the storm, it’s best to keep track of what you owe so you don’t find yourself stuck in a situation you won’t be able to climb out of. Whether you’re in the midst of short-term or long-term liabilities, jot them down so you can stay organised and plan for achievable repayments, whether that be to credit cards, personal loans or bank loans.

Personal Assets

Would all your hard work be worth it if you couldn’t share your success with the ones you love? If we don’t keep track of our money before we pass, our families can often struggle to find it. This space is so you won’t have to fear that problem. You’ll detail your bank accounts (including any joint accounts), your investments, assets, and pension plans, along with the information of your intended inheritors.

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Business Assets

Now you’ve got your most personal stuff in the vault, it’s on to business. These can be tricky for loved ones to locate, especially when there are so many involved. Jot down your business assets, whether those assets are held in other companies in terms of ownership and value, or interests of intellectual property and patents to copyrights. Your family will so appreciate the job you’re saving them in the future!

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