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Frequently Asked Questions

About myFRP

What is myFRP?
How did myFRP start?
What kind of things can be stored on myFRP?
Do I need to complete all the sections on my account?
Who is myFRP for?
How do I sign up to myFRP?
Can I create a myFRP account for someone else? (e.g. a parent)

Data Security

Who has access to my account and my personal information?
What is myFRP going to do with my data?
Do I have to use two-factor authentication every time I sign in?
What multi-factor authentication options are supported by myFRP?
If I'm abroad, can I still access my account?
What happens if I forget my password?
Is myFRP GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant?
How do I delete myFRP account?
What happens to my information once I pass away?


What is a Nominee?
How do I add a Nominee?
Do people I nominate to view my information need to pay?
Can I remove Nominees once they've already been assigned?
How long will my selected Nominees have access to my data?
Can Nominees edit or share my data with a third party?
Can I become a Nominee?
I was invited to become someone else's Nominee. How do I accept?
What happens to my account if I pass away and my family has retrieved what they need?

Pricing & Payment Plans

How much does a myFRP subscription cost?
How frequently will I be billed for myFRP account?
Will my information be lost if I miss a payment?
If I decide to make an account, what's the cancellation policy?
Is there an incentive if I refer someone to myFRP, or do you provide a discount for a whole family?
If I have a business and want to purchase multiple licenses, what's the pricing?

Troubles & Suggestions

I have an idea about a new feature to improve myFRP. Can I tell you about it?
How do I report an issue on my account?
I've looked through the FAQs, but I can't find the answer to my question. What should I do?

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