About Us

Welcome to the family! Let’s start by introducing ourselves...
We’re a small gang of misfits from all walks of life. Get to know us and the roles we play here at myFRP.
We’ll walk you through our story so far, the journey it took to get here, and where we intend to go.


The Team

After multiple attempts since 2011, we finally got a team of experts with various experiences to work together during what came to be the year of a global pandemic.

Perhaps we were more committed with all that was happening around us, perhaps we all had our own experiences of loosing somebody, or perhaps we all know someone who needs a helping hand getting their affairs in order. Whatever it is, we are motivated to keep things simple, practical, and ensuring reliable access to important information when you or your close ones need it the most.

Bernerdine's idea was like a seed sowed in 2011, only to become a reality in the form of myFRP in 2019. If you want to read Bee's story in more detail, you can find it here.

The myFRP team works from offices in Europe and the Americas. We’re a fun, diverse bunch, each bringing their unique experiences, skills, and ideas to make the company what it is today!

Our Musts


What we do must help people, in lots of little ways, or big ones.


Whatever we think, design or build, it must be simple to explain and simple to use.


We must be reliable. From security, to quality, to help and support.

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